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Rod - is the chief (coffee maker) and looks after customers and staff alike. He loves the outdoors and the unspoilt beauty of Cardigan Bay. He loves skiing in the winter. Vic - professional shopper responsible for all the loveliness that's in the Mundos shop. She's the creative force behind the Cardigan Bay Company. Vic loves the outdoors and her chickens.

Tamsin - helps in the shop serving customers. She takes pride in ensuring general wellbeing (at least that's what it says on her packets of tea).

Rosie - helps in the shop serving customers. She's expert at helping them get what they want. Rosie's the one who drops chocolate and biscuits into the snack drawer, Rosie loves eating, drinking and making merry with friends and family. She loves the great people that Cardigan Bay attracts.

Sarah - helps in the shop serving customers. She has a great eye for perfection and knows what works where. She loves to travel. Jen - helps in the shop serving customers. She's the girl behind the glitter at Mundos. Jen loves dancing for fun and creating beautiful things.
Pat - helps out with the website. He loves the Cardigan Bay people and countryside, and loves playing music in the evenings. Pat gets the chips on a Thursday.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”
(William Morris, British craftsman, designer and poet whose vison inspired the Arts and Crafts movement in the late nineteenth century).

It's about great design at affordable prices...

When Vicky and Rod Walker launched Mundos in 1997, they had one simple, guiding rule when it came to designing and sourcing their products - great design at affordable prices.

Today they are as passionate about that ethos as ever.

Whether it’s a beautifully woven windbreak with clever pockets for the beach or hand-made and wrapped bath soaps, the question they ask themselves is always the same: Would they be happy to give or receive the item as a gift?

“If the answer’s yes, we’ll stock it. If not, we won’t,” says Vicky.

The Walkers’ demand for high standards and excellent taste is proving to be great news for small, independent British designers whose work is showcased at the rapidly expanding Mundos store in beautiful Cardigan Bay in West Wales. One such designer is, by coincidence, one of their former art teachers who taught them in the Midlands 25 years ago and who now designs and makes elegant, hand-crafted clocks from native woods.

The Walkers are continually looking for inspiration wherever they go and their fabulous range also features the work of designers from around the world. Mundos tries to ensure that everything they sell has been ethically sourced and, where possible, has been approved by Fair Trade bodies.

Mundos has come a long, long way since Vicky and Rod first drew inspiration for the concept during four years spent travelling the world in the mid-1990s and noticing how many great designers the planet boasts but whose work rarely reaches British homes.

“We’re both creative people and it gives us so much pleasure to be able to work with some of the most original and inspired designers around. It really is a privilege.”

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