Coastal Path Candle

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Llwybr Arfordirol - Coastal Path

With the scent of Sun ripened lime, Coconut and Vanilla pods.

A personal favourite, it always reminds me of our local coastal path walks when the Gorse is in full bloom

The Coastal Path Candle has been handmade in the UK exclusively for Mundos using only premium, locally sourced supplies, where traditional production methods and hand finishing create the perfect candle for your home.

Average burn time is approx. 50 hours.

Candle Care...

  • Always ensure the wick is trimmed to about 5mm (but not less) and check regularly.  If there is any sign of smoke from the flame, the wick is too long and the burn-time will be reduced.
  • Always ensure that the candle is burnt for sufficient time to allow the pool of wax to reach the sides of the container.  This will mean the draw-down of wax will be even across the diameter of the container and no wax will be unused and wasted.
  • Fragranced candles tend to create over time, a carbon ball at the top of the wick.  This will increase heat and reduce burn-time.  Always extinguish and remove the ball.
  • Keep away from any source of heat or sunlight.  The cooler the candle, the longer the burn-time.
  • Keep away from draughts.  Candles near an open window always burn more rigorously.
  • When the candle is extinguished, always replace the lid to retain fragrance.
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